TOD Affidavits

Do you want to avoid probate with your house or other real estate?  A relatively recent Ohio law allows you to record a Transfer on Death Affidavit, which will

transfer the property at death to your beneficiaries, outside of Probate Court.  During your life, the ownership and control of the property stays with you, and you remain free to sell, transfer, or encumber the property as you wish.

Did You Know?

Grandparent Child Care Powers of Attorney

In certain cases where the parties do not wish to transfer custody to a grandparent, Ohio lets a child's parents or other custodians temporarily delegate medical decisions and school enrollment to a grandparent, if the child lives with that grandparent.   The parents must be unable to care for the child to use this procedure. 

Prenuptial Agreements

A couple of common myths surrounding prenuptial agreements are that they are for the extremely wealthy, and are used for divorce situations only.  In fact,

prenuptial agreements may just as well apply to cases involving the death of a spouse, and may therefore be useful for both spouses who are about to create a blended family.  As most states do, Ohio provides automatic inheritance or estate rights for a spouse, which can even override the deceased spouse's Last Will and Testament.  However, you can neutralize these automatic rights with a properly prepared and executed prenuptial agreement.  A prenuptial agreement can provide the parties with the needed flexibility to structure their estate plans so that each spouse can provide for children or other family members as desired, in addition to the new spouse.